Ready to get your KCJ tee or sports/play pack?

Here’s how you can win an amazing t-shirt and maybe even a whole sports activity pack for your child’s school or nursery.

  • 1

    Download a freebie or buy an activity pack.

  • 2

    Play, have fun and be active!

  • 3

    Share a pic or video of your active play memories.

  • 4

    KCJ will pick his favourites to WIN!

Submit your entry now

Share your photos and videos with KCJ.

Include the child/children’s name(s), age(s), school/nursery, /parent/carer name and postcode. If your child is part of the school/nursery with the MOST active KCJ fans that month, they’ll get a sports pack too! So, get your kid playing and encourage their school or nursery to make active time a priority too with KCJ and WIN a play pack today!