Kids Coach Jason is all about getting toddlers, pre-schoolers and children excited about being active and healthy! Most little ones don’t get enough exercise. But with Jason’s exciting games & activities; he makes being active fun! KCJ’s activity cards are already loved by pre-schoolers, nurseries, schools and families across the globe, so we know yours will too.

KCJ’s Journey

When Jason was a kid, there weren’t as many distractions as there are now. And that meant fun needed to come from creativity; not from a lit-up square or toy store. Jason loved finding ways to remix a cardboard box into endless surprises – something he does a lot still with his own 5-year-old.

Boxes became rocket ships, trains, and sports equipment and eventually, Jason would turn that love of play, being active and creativity into 20 years working in the sports, play, leisure, education and early years sector; founding The Active Hour and now KCJ. Jason’s fun approach to being active, unique characters and boundless enthusiasm for kids’ health are why he’s often asked to contribute to national projects & events that get children moving like BBC Super Movers or to give out fitness tips in publications like the Waitrose magazine.

Jason doesn’t rely on his experience alone. He’s currently completing an MSc in Sport & Physical Activity and enjoys giving back to good causes like donating sports & play equipment to nurseries, preschools and families across the country. We know children, parents and educators absolutely love Kids Coach Jason because he takes activities linked to the EYFS/Foundation Stage curriculum that are family, teacher and toddler tested and adds a dash of excitement to remind them to make being active a priority.

These aren’t the usual fitness games and resources you’re used to. KCJ is passionate about making a difference in kids’ lives and instilling a love for being active that will last a lifetime.

Are you ready to see your pupils or children embrace getting fit in a healthy and positive way? Join thousands of others who are kick-starting their active play with KCJ. Try our freebies right now!