Kids Coach Jason helps schools, nurseries and families get more active, have lots of fun together and enhance their physical and mental wellbeing. You probably know most kids aren’t active enough. But with Jason and his two characters, ‘FI’ & ‘T‐NESS’, they’re teaching fine & gross motor skills, coordination, balance, cognition, improved self-esteem, confidence, and positive mental health techniques. With each pack, get games and challenges designed by Jason based on his extensive sports coaching background and current MSc in Public Health and Physical Activity research. It’s engaging, heart-raising, imaginative, and creative stuff!

But Jason hasn’t developed it alone. He’s also consulted child psychologists and other health/fitness professionals to make this the best, most comprehensive and exhilarating children’s active play resource on the planet. It’s not just about teaching pre-schoolers and toddlers to love sport, it’s about giving them the confidence to be creative, to get moving and keep active their whole life. And KCJ is the right role model to teach these values as he lives them every day with his own family.

From the living room to the classroom, your pre-schoolers will find KCJ fun, relatable and trustworthy. Jason knows how to get toddlers excited about moving and keep them engaged for years. Each game and activity will enrich a different part of their mind and body for a complete wellness approach that nurseries, schools, and parents are already raving about. And we know you’ll feel the same way as these delighted customers below.

Ten Reasons to Choose KCJ

  • 1

    Relatable – As a dad himself, KCJ knows how to get kids excited about being active!

  • 2

    Fun – With decades of sports coaching, KCJ has a perfectly curated brand that kids love.

  • 3

    Relevant – His characters ‘FI’ & ‘T‐NESS’ help pre-schoolers see themselves in each activity.

  • 4

    Enriching – KCJ helps kids develop socially, physically, mentally, and emotionally.

  • 5

    Useful – Jason teaches activities to boost confidence, self-esteem, stimulate imagination, develop literacy and numeracy, increase colour & shape recognition, push personal & social development, improve balance, coordination, strength & fitness.

  • 6

    Inclusive – KCJ never leaves anyone out! Activities can be adapted to suit any pre-schooler or toddler.

  • 7

    Quality – KCJ helps families enjoy productive and nurturing time together.

  • 8

    Inspiring – Kids will ask for KCJ again and again as they push themselves through fun challenges.

  • 9

    Rewarding – KCJ is a healthy role model that will instil a lifetime love of health & fitness.

  • 10

    Simple – All activities use minimal supplies and are easy to replicate anywhere!

What People Say

Jason is incredible. The kids love Kids Coach Jason, definitely should be on the tv. Absolutely recommend.

Thank you so much.

Karen Walker, Kelso’s Mum

I can’t speak highly enough of the quality of the classes and resources on offer and wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Kids Coach Jason to anyone!

Natalie Buck, Year 5 Teacher, PE Co-ordinator (England)